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A Meme to Make Your Kink Wishes Come True!

I checked, and yes, I can mention and link to my FOP kink meme here. So yeah... Time for mentioning and linking!

Anyway, have any of you guys longed for a Fairly OddParents kink meme? Had a kinky FOP-related wish you wanted granted and had no magical creatures or kink memes to do it? Wanted to write hot FOP smut for your favorite pairings and know that someone else wants it to read it?

Well, I made a FOP kink meme a few days ago, which probably is able to fulfill all these longings and many more.


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Hi! I love Fairly Odd Parents and I'm wondering where I can find fansites or sites where there are screencaps from the show? I'd be very happy if someone could answer my question. Thanks you very much! X)
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OK so

been watching some new eps of FOP

and they piss me off so HARD



cos cosmo's voice went really BAD and like... AUGH

its hard to explain, his actor hasnt changed but he's totally not trying anymore! He sounds all "EEEEEEEEEEHHH!" all the time...if that makes sense. really high pitched all the time.

also constant baby themed episodes are lame.

srsly, is timmy the only character with CHARACTER anymore?

blaugh *clings to the old eps*