toadstoolcouch (toadstoolcouch) wrote in fairlyodd,

Questions About Characterization

Hi guys! I don't get to watch the show that often and I can't find anywhere to download full eps, so I have a few questions I hope you can answer.

I've heard that Cosmo and Wanda's relationship deteriorates in later eps. How so? I know about Cosmo's window shopping, but has he really done anything that bad? People say he makes cruel comments. Like what? It's always seemed to me that Wanda was the "man" in the relationship, at least at first. Did the dynamic shift, or is it still like that? Your thoughts?

It's just that I get so many conflicting ideas from fans, and I haven't seen nearly all the episodes. I've seen them bicker and do mean things to each other, but for the most part they seem to patch things up by the end of each ep, so I figured that was normal. But so many people are lamenting that it's getting much worse now. Like, as in Cosmo doesn't even love her anymore.

And my last question: how evil is Anti-Cosmo? I've seen bits and pieces of him. Is he more of a wicked prankster, or is he truly evil?
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