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Art and requests!

So to copy bloof, you guys can request art from me too! Also 5 slots for now. Any pairing, character, etc.

1. Norm the Genie/male character (most likely Cosmo lol) for [info]unknown20troper
2. Wandissimo/Cupid for [info]bloof
3. Vicky/Timmy for enuwey

And, I've got some art to share. Some of you might have seen them before on Deviantart, but I thought I'd share them here. They are all SFW. Please click for full view!

It's Cosmo's unlucky day! >:D

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I'd like some Norm the Genie slash pairing art, of course.
Can do! Who'd you like him paired with?

I'm not sure, so you can pair him with anyone you want to, as long as it's slash, of course.
You got it!

juandissimo / cupid PLZ <3 also yer style is groovy
Thank you so much! <3 And you got it! I love that pairing xD
Um, some semi-romantic Vicky/Timmy please, if it isn't too much trouble.
Sure thing! That's actually a pairing I really like myself, and something I've been planning to do for myself anyway :B You'll have it soon.