January 9th, 2010

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Art and requests!

So to copy bloof, you guys can request art from me too! Also 5 slots for now. Any pairing, character, etc.

1. Norm the Genie/male character (most likely Cosmo lol) for [info]unknown20troper
2. Wandissimo/Cupid for [info]bloof
3. Vicky/Timmy for enuwey

And, I've got some art to share. Some of you might have seen them before on Deviantart, but I thought I'd share them here. They are all SFW. Please click for full view!

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Jumping on the request bandwagon.

I've decided to jump on the bandwagon, and do requests too. You can request both fanfic, and art from me, though if you request art, be prepared for it to take a while, since I'm scanner-less at the moment. If you don't tell me whether you want fic or art, I'll decided to make it whatever it fits best as. Any pairing, character, etc.

Fanfic Requests:

1. Anti-Cosmo/Cosmo for toadstoolcouch 

Fan Art Requests:

1. Poof chewing on a bunny plushy for [info]
Poof for Bloof aka Fluro-Knife by ~unknown20troper on deviantART < /span>2.

And here's some young!Norm the Genie art of mine from Deviantart:

Young!Norm the Genie art behind the cut...Collapse )
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K GUYS my first art request post and i have 5 slots cos im willing to try n draw anything from FOP for you <3

1.timmy and tootie for blue paprika
2.Chip skylark for sammywahtammy
3.anti-cosmo drinking tea for toadstoolcouch
4.Norm the Genie / somebody who MAY ALSO BE COSMO cos i adore his stupid head for unknown20troper
5. Juandissimo/Cosmo for warau inu

COME AWWWWN, any pairings or single characters allowed <3

for now, heres a juandisimo whos sexy is too sexy for his sexy