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Jumping on the request bandwagon.

I've decided to jump on the bandwagon, and do requests too. You can request both fanfic, and art from me, though if you request art, be prepared for it to take a while, since I'm scanner-less at the moment. If you don't tell me whether you want fic or art, I'll decided to make it whatever it fits best as. Any pairing, character, etc.

Fanfic Requests:

1. Anti-Cosmo/Cosmo for toadstoolcouch 

Fan Art Requests:

1. Poof chewing on a bunny plushy for [info]
Poof for Bloof aka Fluro-Knife by ~unknown20troper on deviantART < /span>2.

And here's some young!Norm the Genie art of mine from Deviantart:

Young!Norm the Genie art behind the cut...Collapse )
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Art and requests!

So to copy bloof, you guys can request art from me too! Also 5 slots for now. Any pairing, character, etc.

1. Norm the Genie/male character (most likely Cosmo lol) for [info]unknown20troper
2. Wandissimo/Cupid for [info]bloof
3. Vicky/Timmy for enuwey

And, I've got some art to share. Some of you might have seen them before on Deviantart, but I thought I'd share them here. They are all SFW. Please click for full view!

More!Collapse )
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K GUYS my first art request post and i have 5 slots cos im willing to try n draw anything from FOP for you <3

1.timmy and tootie for blue paprika
2.Chip skylark for sammywahtammy
3.anti-cosmo drinking tea for toadstoolcouch
4.Norm the Genie / somebody who MAY ALSO BE COSMO cos i adore his stupid head for unknown20troper
5. Juandissimo/Cosmo for warau inu

COME AWWWWN, any pairings or single characters allowed <3

for now, heres a juandisimo whos sexy is too sexy for his sexy

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Questions About Characterization

Hi guys! I don't get to watch the show that often and I can't find anywhere to download full eps, so I have a few questions I hope you can answer.

I've heard that Cosmo and Wanda's relationship deteriorates in later eps. How so? I know about Cosmo's window shopping, but has he really done anything that bad? People say he makes cruel comments. Like what? It's always seemed to me that Wanda was the "man" in the relationship, at least at first. Did the dynamic shift, or is it still like that? Your thoughts?

It's just that I get so many conflicting ideas from fans, and I haven't seen nearly all the episodes. I've seen them bicker and do mean things to each other, but for the most part they seem to patch things up by the end of each ep, so I figured that was normal. But so many people are lamenting that it's getting much worse now. Like, as in Cosmo doesn't even love her anymore.

And my last question: how evil is Anti-Cosmo? I've seen bits and pieces of him. Is he more of a wicked prankster, or is he truly evil?
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Full Episodes of FOP

Hey everyone, I just joined, so I apologize if this has already been asked, but I can't seem to find full episodes of FOP on the web. Can anyone direct me to any websites that might have everyone?
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I'm surprised no one is talking about this here, it's like the biggest FOP anything to have happened in like, ever. Three hours :D!
What did everyone think of it?
I was not crazy about the ending with the big happy face, but Poof was so cute :3!
And it was so amazing to see Cosmo at his most..manly? Dragon-y? Even if he did mess everything up. It just shows how powerful he could be if he put his mind to it...
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Cartoon RP

Come join and RP your favorite Fairly Odd Parent character!

The Game
Ever wondered what it would be like if somehow through an amazing twist of fate, your favorite cartoon characters were real people, living in the real world? At Saltwater Bay, it's not just your imagination- it's a reality! Here the characters live, work and go to school, just like you and I! We welcome all cartoon fandoms excluding anime and Disney princesses.
  1. Each player is allowed to have up to 3 characters
  2. Each character must come from a cartoon fandom excluding anime and Disney princesses.
  3. Each character will have their own livejournal account. This must be in first person and written in at least every 2-3 weeks. Characters who reply to these entries, would comment just as you would any other livejournal.
  4. Each post/activity in the game will be in third person. Each character must participate at least once a week. 2+ responses (in the same post) is considered participation. If for whatever reason you are not available to participate during a week, please let the mod know IN ADVANCE. It would also be nice if you could let other players involved in your story line know. This can be done in the OOC Chat.
  5. When starting a thread, you must list the WHO, WHAT, WHEN and WHERE. The WHO can be a few select characters or open to all. The WHAT should be a general idea of what will be happening. The WHEN should be day, date and time. The WHERE should be one of the predetermined locations or a derivative thereof.
  6. Please tag your posts with the tag(s) of the character(s) involved.
  7. Events take place in the real world. Please keep actions and characters as true to life as possible.
  8. Please stay in character. This is the real world but Mr. Krabs will always be cheap. Garfield will always be lazy. Goofy will always be clumsy.
  9. NO GODMODING. Remember, you are only responsible for your character's actions. If you do not understand this rule, please ask the mod.
  10. Keep all OOC drama OOC. If the players of SpongeBob and Patrick are having an argument, that should not be conveyed through the character's interaction.
  11. On that same note, always remember that this is a game. Do not take what another character says to your character personally.
  12. When submitting your application, please put Krabby Patty in the subject so I know you have read the rules. Any application submitted with out this will automatically be rejected.

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