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fairlyodd's Journal

Fairly Odd Fans
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Welcome Nick Fans!

If you like that little pink hat, or hum to the tune of "Icky Vicky", feel free to join us in our quest to make Timmy Turner known to the WORLD!

Just wait you puny fairies, there are rules to follow! YOU WILL RESPECT "DA RULES"— or you'll have to answer to Jorgen Von Strangle!
Rule #1: Do not use a lot of acronyms like "u, lol, l8tr, etc" A few are fine here & there, but after a while it infuriates us! Also included is writing with lower case & upper case in the same word! "nO wAY?! R U fOr rEaL?" ARGH!!!!

Rule #2: If you join the community, please write!

Rule #3: If you happen to see Cosmo or Wanda you can't tell anyone they exist!

Rule #4: Have fun!

Sorry, but those are "Da Rules."